Aviation Warning Lights References

       In relation to airfield ground lighting systems, various projects have been carried out, of which three important and significant cases are mentioned here:


       1) Participation in redesigning parts of the system and supplying all necessary equipment along with installation and commissioning for Milad Tower in Tehran (it is the 6th tower of the world by height).



Installing High Intensity AWL at Level +350 Meters

Installed High Intensity AWL at Level +350 Meters (Turned ON)




       2) Supplying AWL systems in both solar and conductor marking to installing on high tension power lines arround the Sari International Airport. The client of this project was Mazandaran and Golestan Province Regional Electricity Company. Below are photos of that system (conductor marking for high tension power lines) which had been tested in a high voltage electrical laboratory:



Temporarily had commissioned for doing test.


The same system after establishing a high voltage power.





       3) Supplying AWL systems Mapna STS Company, one of the MAPNA Group subsidiary for installing on a cooling tower of power plant. After preparing for installation, installation and commissioning will be done by Datis Samaneh company.


       4) Supplying AWL systems Jam Petrochemical Company (solar type).

       5) Supplying AWL systems for Ghazvin Glass Company along with installing and commissioning the whole system (Low & Medium intensity, ICAO type 'B', single) and ...





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