Aviation Warning Lights

       Aviation warning lights are used to enhance the visibility of structures or fixed obstacles which may conflict with the safe navigation of aircraft. Obstruction/aviation lighting is commonly installed on towers, buildings, and even fences located in areas where aircraft may be operating at low altitudes. In certain areas, some aviation regulators mandate the installation, operation, color, and/or status notification of obstruction lighting. For maximum visibility and collision-avoidance, these lighting systems commonly employ one or more high-intensity strobe or LED devices which can be seen by pilots from many miles away from the obstruction.


       According to ICAO Annex 14 chapter 6: The marking and/or lighting of obstacles is intended to reduce hazards to aircraft by indicating the presence of the obstacles. It does not necessarily  reduce operating limitations which may be imposed by an obstacle. The number and arrangement of  low-, medium- or high-intensity obstacle lights at each level to be marked shall be such that the object is  indicated from every angle in azimuth. Where a light is shielded in any direction by another part of the  object, or by an adjacent object, additional lights shall be provided on that object in such a way as to  retain the general definition of the object to be lighted. If the shielded light does not contribute to the  definition of the object to be lighted, it may be omitted. We can see a sample of lighting arragement issued by ICAO as below:





       With the efforts and research carried out by the management and technical staffs of Datis Samaneh company, fortunately, very important and valuable achievements have been achieved such that we can safely say that right now in my country (Iran) Datis Samaneh is the most outstanding company in the field of design and supply of equipment along with installation and commissioning. Even we can say that there is not a significant competitor in this field in the local market. In this regard, projects at the national level such as Milad Tower in Tehran, one of the project (power plant) of Mapna Holding and Mazandaran and Golestan Regional Electricity Company have been carried out by Datis Samaneh company. All above mentioned are done based on international regulations and standards such as: ICAO, FAA, EASA, CAA, etc. Below we can see a sample design of an AWL arrangement on a cooling tower:





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