Airfield Ground Lighting References

       In relation to airfield ground lighting systems, various projects have been carried out, of which three important and significant cases are mentioned here:


       1) Supplying several sections of the taxiway of Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). In this project, the old halogen lights have been replaced by the new LED model from HELLA-Induperm. At the moment, all AGL products from Hella are manufacturing under the TKH brand (TKH Airport Solutions).







       2) Consulting, redesigning, supply of aeraunutical equipment (lighting) along with their installation and commissioning as well as complete marking of the helipad of the head office building of the Ayandeh Bank. This building is located at the north of Tehran and its height is about +150 meters. Below are some photos of the end of the project:






       3) Consulting, designing and supervision aeraunutical equipment (lighting) as well as complete marking of the helipad of a high rise residential building located at the north of Tehran. At the moment, the structure of the pad has been done and we're waiting for the next phases (procurement, completing the safe area, marking, etc.). Its layout overview is as below:








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